The Cebu First-Timer Food Crawl: 8 Stops (Now with 50% Lechon!)

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The Cebu First-Timer Food Crawl: 8 Stops (Now with 50% Lechon!)

Not exactly #lechonwars.

| February 7, 2017

The Cebu First-Timer Food Crawl:

8 Stops (Now with 50% Lechon!)

By Tim Henares

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Recently, we dropped by Cebu a week after the Sinulog Festival, and quickly realized that sans the festival itself, there’s very little in the way of tourist-y stuff to do in the main city, but there is a whole lot of food to be had.

With that in mind, here are the places you really should be dropping by to enjoy just a small sampling of the best food available in Cebu, and to compare their best lechon places to one another, because that’s exactly what we did.


Address: One Mango Mall, General Maxilom Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Claim To Fame: Hailed as “the best pig… ever” by Anthony Bourdain, this MSG-free offering of lechon cebu is extremely popular thanks to TV exposure and the fact that a stall is operating in their airport.

Recommendations: The lechon is great, but you will be spoiled by the other three lechon places we will be sharing with you, so don’t expect to agree with Mr. Bourdain on this one (Besides, they will be opening a store in Manila soon).

Instead, consider enjoying their mango shake, kamias shake, and their ube cheesecake, because those are the offerings they have really mastered.


Dimsum Break


Address: 4F Ayala Center, Business Park, Cebu

Claim To Fame: It’s Cebu’s response to Chowking, and by jove, is it a splendid response! Also available in SM North for us Luzon people, there’s still nothing like experiencing Dimsum Break with homecourt advantage. The branch we went to was the most convenient one to get to, but there are plenty of them available all over Cebu.

Recommendations: Hakao, mushroom siomai, fried shrimp balls, stuffed shrimp. Dimsum Break doesn’t stray too far from the Chinese dimsum formula, but what makes them special is their love affair with shrimp and mushrooms.


House Of Lechon

Address: Acacia Street, Kamputhaw, Cebu City

Claim To Fame: Lechon and scallops, and now, we can truly have a debate which is the best lechon in Cebu. As a general tip, to get the best batches of lechon anywhere, show up in the morning. The evening batches are no longer crunchy, and they often run out.

Recommendations: Lechon and scallops.


Casa Verde

Address: 4th Floor Ayala Center Cebu, Business Park

Claim To Fame: Casa Verde is such a treat that there’s now a branch in UP Town Center, but there’s still nothing quite like experiencing it in Cebu. It made a name for itself thanks to its ribs and seafood carbonara, and its really affordable price range.

Recommendations: Enjoy a bucket of ribs with a side of seafood carbonara, and if you’re feeling extravagant, try their steaks out, too. Really awesome offerings, especially for the prices.