The Death of Note 7: | This Week’s Tech News Roundup

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The Death of Note 7: | This Week’s Tech News Roundup

RIP Note 7

| October 12, 2016

The Death of Note 7:|

This Week’s Tech News Roundup

By Baxter Jacinto

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Fancy your own personal travel concierge? You can now. Are we able to legally prosecute internet trolls? You can now. Can you now use Facebook at work? You can now. Can you still buy the Note 7? You can’t now.

Here’s the latest and most exciting tech news this week.

8. Journy:The travel concierge


We don’t really need apps to help us book flights and accommodations because we prefer to do it directly without any middleman. But what we do need is an app that actually helps us figure what we can do once we get to our destination—enter Journy, a start-up app that acts as your personal travel concierge for $15 a day. First, it lets you take a travel survey to tailor to your needs and wants in your journey. Second, it really is a concierge. Sadly, not the android type, but an actual human person who will help do research and map out the logistics for you. Adding to that is Journy’s network of local experts making sure that every journey you make is the best.


7. Duolingo’s chatbots are legit


They say the best way to learn a language is to actually practice it every day with a native speaker. But flying out to another country to learn a language is overkill. Duolingo gives us the solution: chatbots. These Duolingo bots (although only available for French, Spanish and German languages at the moment) act like a native speaker. They’ve also added personalities to the bots. Check out Chef Robert, Renee the Driver and Officer Ada. The bots will react and answer differently depending on your response. It’s a fun and useful addition to Duolingo, and it makes it the best app to learn a new language.


6. Social media trolls could go to jail in the UK


The social media can enlighten, but it can also destroy via vicious internet trolls who humiliate, harass, bully and intimidate people online. And the Crown Prosecution Service in the United Kingdom will not tolerate this any further with its new legal guidelines that could send an internet troll behind bars. We can only hope that the Philippines would soon implement stricter policies in the internet as well, because, hello.


5. Final Fantasy XV: A 45 minute gameplay

It was teased in 2006 and we all thought it will come out for the PS3. Then came the PS4 and still no FF XV. Now, after 10 years, the FF XV will finally arrive on November 29, 2016 in the PS4. See this 45 minute gameplay that showcases the beautiful landscapes, battle system and its open world setup.