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The Evolution of Keanu Reeves As an Action Hero


| February 23, 2017

The Evolution of Keanu Reeves As an Action Hero

By 8List

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Keanu Reeves, all 50 years old of him, has found his way back to the hearts of cinema lovers through his bloody action flick John Wick. Seeing him now killing baddies with a pencil, it’s hard to imagine that Keanu started out as a matinee idol. Here we take a look at Keanu’s evolution from an awkward teen heartthrob to an awkward action hero:

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Stoner kids given a time-machine to help out in their history report, what could go wrong? A young Keanu starred in this totally rad cult-classic and got his feet wet on sci-fi action movies.


Point Break


In 1991, the FBI paid Johnny Utah to learn how to surf. It was also when viewers saw Keanu reappear and repackaged as a buff action hero. This James Cameron-produced and Kathryn Bigelow-directed vehicle was the first time we met Keanu as a shotgun-wielding, butt-kicking, take-the-skin-off-chicken action star.




Pop quiz, hotshot: You get a buzz within the industry as a budding action star, what do you do? What do you do?

Of course, you follow it up with another action vehicle. Literally, a vehicle. In 1994 Keanu jumped on a bus loaded with explosives set to blow should the speed go below or above 50mph. As a result, viewers decided they liked this version of Keanu and cemented the reluctant star as a bonafide leading man who can carry a blockbuster film by his name.


Johnny Mnemonic


Keanu followed up on the success of Speed with this sci-fi based on a story by legendary author William Gibson. In this 1995 movie, Keanu is a living, breathing USB drive, holding critical information that the Yakuza would kill for. And the only one who can save him is…Henry Rollins? You have to see this one to believe.