The New Flavors of Summer

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The New Flavors of Summer

Warm sun, warm belly.

| March 21, 2017

The New Flavors of Summer

By 8List

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Summer is all about trying new things — new activities, new hobbies, and all kinds of food to sink our teeth into. Are you daring enough to try these unique summertime food flavors and bold combos?

Sapin-sapin Ice Cream

We’ve witnessed a lot of weird flavors that surprisingly work on ice cream and we’ve found out that sapin-sapin flavor takes the cake. The Filipino rice cake, that is. Combined into cool ice cream, a few spoonfuls of this on a hot summer day will make you yearn for your provincial hometown.


Salted egg siopao

The salted egg craze doesn’t seem to be dying out any soon, and with good reason — it’s just that good! We’ll gladly switch out our lazy afternoon chips and soda to something a bit more comforting, like a couple of warm salted egg siopao.


Quezo Real Milkshake

Even when we don’ think about it, our taste buds are immediately attracted to all things sweet and salty. And while we love salted caramel flavored anything, nothing beats the taste of quezo real that we grew up with and enjoyed. Turn it into a milkshake and you’ll conquer the sweltering summer heat.


Iced Matcha Latte

Matcha is everywhere — on chocolate, on ice cream, on frappuccinos. But there’s nothing like indulging in pure matcha flavor just combined with milk and served on the rocks. This is one drink you’ll want to keep sipping on every day of the summer.