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The Nintendo Switch Presentation Was Awesome

*Karen intensifies*

| January 14, 2017

The Nintendo Switch Presentation Was Awesome

By Matthew Arcilla

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For the video gaming press, yesterday was a long awaited one: the day that Nintendo delivers an hour long presentation to fully unveil the Nintendo Switch. Announced last year via a bouncy, energetic product trailer,  you can read about the Switch in a previous 8List.

But yesterday, we got more about the specs, the features, the games, the price and the everything. Here are 8 of the things that’s got us psyched about this new console, which will be arriving in stores on March 3rd this year for an SRP of US$299. The only question that went unanswered was, “Where’s Karen?

8. The Joy Con controllers are more than just new Wii Remotes.

The Switch’s controllers, the Joy-Cons, are more than just revamped motion controllers. They can form up as one controller or come apart as standalone controllers depending on the game. They feature “HD Rumble” a new form of force feedback that conveys nuances in vibrations. They can scan amiibo and detect different hand gestures. They have shoulder buttons and share buttons and we think Karen would say they are adorable.


7. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is officially coming to Switch.

Sure, the beloved open world role-playing game turns six this year. But given the undying appeal of the game, this cannot be underestimated. Skyrim has swallowed entire years of life with its massive world, consuming players addicted to climbing mountains, killing dragons and collecting wheels of cheese. Skyrim on the Switch means you can ignore entire family dinners and picnics for the rest of your natural life.


6. It’s a-true, there’s a new Mario game.


Everyone’s been wondering about that Mario game that showed up in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer last year that Karen was playing. Well that was no placeholder game, but a new Mario title called Super Mario Odyssey, an open world sandbox platformer game that seems to come from the same lineage of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy.


5. Nintendo is doubling down on online services.

Nintendo has always been a generation behind the curve when it comes to online services. Nintendo Online Services will have features and services similar to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Social features, free games, the usual stuff. It’ll be free for awhile to iron out the kinks before ultimately switching to a paid subscription model. Expect to say goodbye to the awkward friend code system.