The People You Should Surround Yourself with to Become a Millionaire

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The People You Should Surround Yourself with to Become a Millionaire


| March 19, 2017

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They say you are the sum of the people you hang out with. The crowd you choose to roll with dictates where your life will lead further down the road. Thus, striving to be around financially-sensible people is a good step if you want to be swimming in cash in the future.

So here’s the drill: you gotta suck up to these 8 kinds of people. (Not kidding.)

You think rich people just keep all their wealth hidden in the deep recesses of their mansions, but nope! (That would just be plain stupid.)

Rich people don’t hoard or burn their cash; they invest. And for some of you who are unsure what that means exactly, it’s basically “using your money to get even more money.” And what’s better than having a lot of money? Having even MORE money. Connect with an INVEST-igator who will teach you his ways, so you can be even richer and happier.

This person will teach you the value of hard work and the traits you’ll need to rise to the top. His leadership qualities qualify him as a mentor — one who can guide you through the maze of opportunities (and threats) that you will surely encounter. And hey, who knows! He might even recruit you to work as an executive in his company. You know what they say: to earn like a boss, work alongside the boss. (Ok, no one really says that, but it does make sense, doesn’t it?)

Just like the CEO, you can learn a lot about earning through your own means from the Entrepreneur. This person is basically #goals. He doesn’t answer to anybody, he does what he wants to do, and succeeds by doing what he wants to do. If that’s right up your alley, then hang around this person and get tips straight from him! As an added bonus, if you ever choose to set up your own business in the future, he could hook you up with potential investors. It pays to have connections who have connections, after all.

The best type of people are those who talk about ideas, not about people. No, it’s not so you could steal their ideas; rather, so you can observe how they view everyday things and situations, and how they generate solutions to problems you didn’t even realize existed. The world rewards those who think out of the box. Read up on stories of young multimillionaires and see how their breakthroughs, no matter how simple, got them high-tailing to success!