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The People You Should Surround Yourself with to Become a Millionaire


| March 19, 2017

Behind every successful person is a story of numerous failures. Be around someone who has stories rich in learnings and will give you the humbling wisdom you need to overcome all obstacles. He will make you realize that financial success is much sweeter when you work hard for it, rather than letting it come easy. The “Fall 7 Times, Stand Up 8” is a proof that you can go through a lot of crap in your life, but still come out on top!

You might not like having this type of person around, but you need him in your life. The Realist is the one who always gives you that hard slap of reality you never even asked for. You’ll feel like you’re always in conflict with this friend, but you know that he’s really just looking out for you. (Aww!) He does want you to succeed eventually — it’s just that he doesn’t want you to be overly confident in yourself. He’ll definitely keep you grounded with his common sense.

Paano ka yayaman kung andami mo namang ginagastos?” Expect nothing less than a straightforward reminder from the Penny Pincher, with a matching snap in “Z”-formation. This is the best type of person to take to the mall because he’ll constantly berate you with “Hindi mo kailangan yan, bes!” every single time you’re tempted to buy something or when get distracted by a deal that is too good to be true. With this friend around, you’ll definitely learn the value of delayed gratification, the importance of controlling your expenses, and setting a financial goal, as well as the long-term benefit of not making libre the whole office on your birthday.

This person acts as though there’s nothing to worry about at all,  and with good reason. The Prepper has a back-up plan for practically everything! He has enough money saved to travel the world, his kids already have a college fund in place, and even his retirement is already well accounted for… His life is pretty much easy breezy at this point.

Jealous? Don’t be. Wannabe Millionaires don’t get jealous. Just learn the Prepper’s secrets to managing his money so you too can face the future with no fear!


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