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The Road to Vlogging Like Your Favorite YouTubers

So you want to be a star?

| May 7, 2018

The Road to Vlogging Like Your Favorite YouTubers

By Kyzia Maramara

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Vlogging. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the term. One can consider it as the video counterpart for a blog; it involves someone in front of a camera explaining how stuff works or how he perceived a certain product or experience. Anyone can be a vlogger or a video content creator as they like to be professionally called, in fact, more and more people are trying the craft and loving it. So if you’re straddling the line between whipping out that camera and having second thoughts, you might want to read this first.

1. Know what you really want to do

There are numerous kinds of vloggers and content creators out there. Some are beauty gurus, some gaming legends, travel vloggers, gadget nerds, motivational speakers, cooking show host wannabes, and a lot more. Figure out which one you want to be and stick with it. If you have that in mind, it’ll be easier to produce and to think up more content for your site.


2. Live an interesting life

One that people would actually want to see. Let me tell you straight up that if you’re not willing to risk doing things – from silly to expensive – then you better let go of your vlogging dreams and becoming the next guest at the YouTube Fan Fest because otherwise, (admit it) who would want to watch your videos? If the only thing viewers see is you talking about your life but not really showing it, you’d lose their interest.


3. Check yourself in the mirror

In the social media age, appearance is everything. You can whine and complain and disagree with me but at the end of the day, how you look matters. It becomes a part of your character and it’s something that people connect with. Dress and present yourself to the camera and to the rest of the world the way you would want them to see you.


4. Get the right equipment

Quality content does not only pertain to the content you put out there in your videos, but also in the technical aspect of your vlogs. Invest in a great camera and other equipment that would make your videos better. Practice until you master your chosen editor and you can create great effects. I guarantee your viewers will love that you’re making even the teensiest edit improvements.