The Struggle Is Real: The Best Games of E3

Goodbye, sweldo.

| June 20, 2018

The Struggle Is Real:

The Best Games of E3

By Matthew Arcilla

The second wave of announcements of the Electronic Entertainment Expo delivered the goods by letting some of the oldest, most venerable publishers in the biz highlight their wares.

Square Enix showed a reel stuffed with some familiar franchises, while Ubisoft emphasized the human side of their community by spotlighting developers and fans. Finally, Sony closed the day with some extensive looks at their most eagerly anticipated titles. Here’re 8 more games that E3 has gotten us psyched up for.

8. Skull & Bones

This multiplayer pirate adventure promises to send waves through the oceans of gamer’s hearts. In Skull & Bones, you and your friends play high seas cutthroats in a ferocious battle for loot and plunder.


7. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Your friendly neighborhood wall crawler comes alive in his long awaited return to triple A action games. Featuring Arkham-style combat, mind blowing set pieces and an open city to swing through.


6. Beyond Good & Evil 2

It’s been fifteen years since the cult classic Beyond Good & Evil. Ubisoft is bringing it back in a big way. Featuring an epic open galaxy with urban combat and space exploration, it looks dope.


5. Starlink: Battle for Atlas

The toys-to-life genre could come back in an awesome way. Mount a toy spaceship onto your controller, enter the world and customize weapons on the fly. It’s for the ten year old in all of us, including my wife.