The Trends that Made Us Shake Our Heads in 2016

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The Trends that Made Us Shake Our Heads in 2016

We can’t wait what 2017 will have for us.

| December 26, 2016

The Trends that Made Us Shake Our Heads in 2016

By Meg Santibanez


Just a little more and we’re finally coming to the conclusion of 2016. A lot of good and bad stuff happened, and there were some trends that were a bit ubiquitous than we would have wanted. Regardless of how you feel about these, here are some trends that we witnessed in 2016:

8. Dabbing


How does a simple dance move where one leans into their elbow like they’re sneezing become such a global hit? We long for the days when “wacky” was the alternative to serious poses for photo shoots.


7. Raclette

Via Giphy

Who wouldn’t want melted cheese on their plate? We love raclette, but people act like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. (To be fair, raclette, to cheese lovers, IS the best thing since sliced bread.)


6. Pablo’s Cheesecake


Via HexJam

Sure, Pablo’s Cheesecake is to die for; but its price literally makes your wallet die a slow death, too.


5. Pokemon GO


Everyone was excited when Pokemon Go was released. People went crazy for a good couple of months until people got bored because the updates were too slow. PvP (player vs player) feature, please?