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The Week In Videogames: Marvel Avec Bataille Royale Edition

Does this put a smile on your face?

| May 11, 2018

The Week In Videogames:

Marvel Avec Bataille Royale


By Matthew Arcilla

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In this week’s edition of videogame news, we discover that strangling children is apparently what companies think incentivizes active consumer spending, spending your nights as a cat counts as moonlighting and that if you like it, put a gauntlet on it.

8. God of War is now the fastest-selling PlayStation exclusive

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The fourth installment in the God of War series is now Sony’s fastest selling PS4 exclusive. Tons of hype, word of mouth regarding welcome creative changes and a healthy amount of time from the last entry meant more people rushing to see what the fuss was all about. That took God of War to sales of 3.1 million units in just three days, and a reminder that linear, single-player narrative games are still in demand.


7. The Good Life is a slice of life RPG in which you turn into a dog (or a cat)

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From the developer of the ultra-weird Deadly Premonition comes this game in which you play a photojournalist who moves to a backwoods British town only to discover intrigue and mystery. You’ll take on odd jobs to make money, investigate clues to solve a murder and oh, magically transform into a cat or dog every couple of fortnights.


6. Nintendo Switch Online is a premium service that’s only $20 a year

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For the first year of the Nintendo Switch’s lifespan, the House That Mario Built declared that online play would be free for as long as it took to design a premium service like Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. This week they announced the service, Nintendo Switch Online, which for the above-listed price will feature cloud saves and access to a library of classic NES games with added online functionality when the service launches in September.


5. Conan Exiles leaves early access and enters full release

This open world survival game set in Robert Howard’s Hyborean realm has, after sixteen months, finally launched. In addition to doubling the size of its world map and adding new biomes like frozen, volcanic and swamp, developer Funcom has improved combat, added a free-climbing system and kept the infamous sliders for penis length and breast size because reasons. While it used to be $30 in Early Access, the price has swollen to $40 for new players.