ICYMI: These Artists Are Releasing their Latest Albums SOON

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ICYMI: These Artists Are Releasing their Latest Albums SOON

Music to the rescue.

| June 5, 2018

ICYMI: These Artists are

Releasing their Latest Albums


By Desiree Pore

If there’s one thing that can save us from anything, it’s music. With artists releasing their newest efforts here and there, it’s hard to keep up on who else will release next! We still got 6 months until 2019; while waiting for the next year to come, these artists are going to put out first their latest LPs.

Music for Cars – The 1975

The band has been teasing its fans by posting cryptic photos about their highly anticipated 3rd album called Music for Cars. Lead singer Matty Healy can even be seen sporting red locks for one of their upcoming music videos.


Pray for the Wicked – Panic! At the Disco

The band’s upcoming sixth album was preceded by 2 singles, with one being “Say Amen (Saturday Night)”. Expect the album to come out this June 22.


High As Hope – Florence and the Machine

The band’s follow-up to How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful will be out on June 29, with Florence Wench co-producing the album.


Liberation – Christina Aguilera

Aguilera is back! After years-long of hiatus, the singer came back with a minimalistic look and banger tunes. Accelerate, the first single off the album, is produced by Kanye West himself.