These Hollywood Folk Are Videogame Freaks

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These Hollywood Folk Are Videogame Freaks

Don’t call them celebrity gamers, their obsession is the stuff of legends.

| December 7, 2017

4. John Boyega

As one of the stars in the new Star Wars movies, John Boyega takes full advantage of his position to get the ear of game makers. When he met one of Disney’s vice presidents of gaming, he started grilling him on Disney Infinity, the toys-to-life platform that uses stylish figurines to unlock game content. He’s also tweeted out his thoughts about Star Wars Battlefront, which led directly to the creation of a single player campaign and story mode for Star Wars Battlefront II.


3. Vin Diesel

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The geek stripes have always been showing for Vin Diesel. While his passion for Dungeons & Dragons is legendary, the star of the Fast and the Furious franchise also finds time for World of Warcraft. He also founded Tigon Studios, a video game developer under his production company One Race. Tigon produced The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, one of the most critically acclaimed games based on a movie franchise and also a great first-person action and stealth game.


2. Terry Crews

Unlike the rest of the people on this list, Terry Crews wasn’t much for video games. At least, not until he discovered his son loved watching Let’s Plays and Twitch streams. It was there he decided he was going to get into it and become a part of his son’s world. Since then he’s become an outspoken advocate for the PC platform and has even built his own PC. How Crews manages to maneuver his muscle paws around inside a case to connect a SATA pin into the right place, I don’t know.


1. Robin Williams

The late great Robin Williams was famous for his boundless energy whether on stage as a comedian or on set as an actor. That energy translated into his second life as a gamer. While he played World of Warcraft like pretty much everyone else, he and his family have a special connection with The Legend of Zelda and even named his daughter, “Zelda.” He claims to call her ‘Princess” only occasionally and has starred in several Nintendo commercials with her.


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