These Meet-Cutes Will Make You Want to Have One of Your Own

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These Meet-Cutes Will Make You Want to Have One of Your Own

Wish it was this easy.

| February 19, 2018

These Meet-Cutes

Will Make You Want

to Have One of Your Own

By Desiree Pore

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We’re all suckers for love; well who isn’t? Just the amount of romantic comedy movies being released every year says a lot about our interest in the subject of falling in love. While we thoroughly enjoy moments when the guy and the girl are happy (or done) with their relationship, let’s not forget how these two people met.

As cliché as it sounds, these meet-cutes in movies involve the guy being the girl’s knight in shining armor, the guy being awestruck with the girl’s beauty, and so on. Read on to see which films had us wanting to have our own meet cute with our crush.

The Wedding Planner

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Arguably the most cliché out of all meet cutes, Mary’s (Jennifer Lopez) heel gets stuck in a manhole while a dumpster is barreling down the street, headed towards her. Thanks to the heroic antics of Steve (Matthew McConaughey), Mary is able to swerve death and end up in the arms of her (future) prince charming.


Notting Hill

One of the requirements of a meet cute is the perfect location. In Notting Hill, Will (Hugh Grant) is a normal guy who owns a bookstore in Notting Hill. One day, A-list actress Anna (Julia Roberts) enters his shop to innocently buy books. Just when he thought that he saw the last of her, Will literally runs into Anna, spilling coffee on her shirt.



Who wouldn’t fall in love with a dancing Kristen Wiig? One of the most memorable meet cutes in rom com movies, Annie was stopped by Officer Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd) for erratic driving. Thanks to her dancing (and baking skills), Annie gets a free pass and a guy.


Maid In Manhattan

One of the most unrealistic (but romantic) films ever made, aspiring senator Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) meets Marisa (Jennifer Lopez) through her son. The two soon finds an attraction with each other even though Chris doesn’t really know Marisa’s true identity.