These Pinoy Artists Deserve Your Listen

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These Pinoy Artists Deserve Your Listen

Music will save us all.

| June 12, 2018

These Pinoy Artists

Deserve Your Listen

By Kyzia Maramara

Whatever people say, OPM never died; it got better! The sound of Pinoy music drastically changed over the years. Now we’re discovering we can produce amazing music, get inspiration from everything around us, and actually support each other’s careers. It’s a new era and these are only 8 of the best Pinoy artists and musicians of this generation. Grab your headphones and get addicted!

1. Fern.

Listen to: Into You, Lie 2 Me

Fern Tan, known for his stage name Fern., is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter who also produces his own songs. As if that in itself isn’t impressive enough, he also co-produced and co-wrote Claudia Barretto’s hit single “You.” Fern.’s own smashing single “Into You” has 2 million listens on Spotify as of writing, quite a feat for an emerging artist like him!

His self-titled debut album will give you 6 amazing chill songs you’d imagine would be great for late night drives. Fern. has also mastered the art of being ~aesthetic~, just check out his photos and music video! How pleasing!


2. Earl Generao

Listen to: Lunas, Pahingi ng Oras

Acoustic has never been this good! We mean it when we say it that Earl Generao is one of the artists out there that definitely need more listens. Usually we would like to keep it to ourselves, these musical gems, but in this case, the world needs to know more about him. Earl Generao is an acoustic singer/songwriter by heart, his voice and beautiful songs will make you want to find someone to love ASAP if you haven’t already! Let his voice wash over you on a relaxing, slow afternoon.


3. Janina Vela

Listen to: Hesitate, Sorry I Left

Beauty guru YouTuber Janina Vela has more than vlogging skills up her sleeve. She recently ventured into the music industry and has already released two new songs, one even featuring her good friend Donny Pangilinan. Her mini song covers on YouTube are glimpses on what she has to offer as an artist. Aside from her contagious bubbly personality and makeup skills, this girl can also sing! And can we just say that she looks really beautiful?


4. I Belong to the Zoo

Listen to: Porter, Sana

Sad songs about lost love or the pain of heartbreak will always resonate with today’s generation of hugoteros and hugoteras. But there’s nothing wrong with loving a simple sad song! I Belong to the Zoo create melodies with heart wrenching lyrics inspired by Argee Guerrero’s (Tonight We Sleep) private musings. Wistful and nostalgia-inducing, I Belong to the Zoo will definitely make it to your Rainy Day Playlist.