8 Things from the 90s We Don’t Want To Revisit

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8 Things from the 90s We Don’t Want To Revisit

Back when guys would constantly hitch their pants up and the ladies have no eyebrows.

| September 9, 2016

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8 Things from the 90s We Don’t Want To Revisit


So, you want to time-travel back to the 1990s? Why not? Hey, it’s been 20 years.

Sure, the bands were great. Commuting wasn’t as torturous. And Fidel Ramos did an okay job.

But wait, if you’re itching for another throwback to the decade that brought us Andrew E., the Macarena, Home Along da Riles, Tamagotchi and Michael Jordan’s best days, hold on. Take a step back. Let’s review.

Here are 8 realities that will make you take a rain check.


8. Ill-fitting clothes.


Yeah, in the 90s, there were no Uniqlo or H&M stores in the Philippines.

Have you recently seen photos of yourself back then? This is putting it mildly: Your “look” didn’t age well. (Note: The quotation marks are intentional.)

Looking back, it seemed that basketball fandom reached a fever pitch that sweaters and sweatpants dictated the fit of everything. Man, the clothes were huge, as if the tailor took the measurements off a panda.

If your body needs more cringing, don’t forget those long-back shirts from Lacoste. Oy!


7. Prehistoric Internet.


People from the 90s would throw themselves into epileptic fits when they see modern-day people and their smartphones.

Yup, the internet back then was embarrassingly slow and way too basic. Websites made with Geocities were insulting to the eyeballs. Social media? Ha, we only had chat rooms like mIRC and ICQ. And yes, those dial-up connections required the patience of a Shaolin monk.


6. Instant noodles everywhere.


Today, everybody’s an expert on nutrition. Even your two-year-old niece can recite Jamie Oliver’s credos from memory. In the ‘90s? Ha! You wish.

The FDA said that these just-add-water magic bricks were fortified with so much “vitamins and minerals” that mothers everywhere believed they would make their children stronger, taller, smarter.

Fast-forward 20 years later to an obese and sickly set of adults. Were we really that stupid?


5. Storing Data on CDRs


Computers back then can only store so much on their hard drives, which necessitates backing up data on CDs. Sure DVDs can store more, but they weren’t the norm then. External hard drive in the 90s? Fugeddabout it. Backing up data then would mean spending hours burning on CDs. Such fun.