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8 Things That Happen During Pinoy Graduation Ceremonies

Togas are one of the best OOTDs ever.

| April 16, 2018

4. Bad mispronouncing of some names

Via Giphy

You’ve waited so long for your name to be called… only to be mispronounced during your five seconds of fame. *sigh*


3. Lots of photoshoots in every corner

Via Giphy

Who doesn’t take photos on graduation day?  Expect to see people (even the parents) look for Instagram-worthy locations to document this ultimate #lifegoal. After all, wearing the graduation toga is one of the best #OOTDs ever.


2. Meeting the parents

Via Giphy

Since the parents are there, you’re stuck between being behaved or being your true school-self. Watch out for their special requests like, “Who is *insert that friend of yours who they always hear about but never get to meet*. I want to meet him!”


1. Crying. Lots of it.

Via Giphy

Crying is definitely inevitable during this day. It’s especially true when the whole ceremony is over and all you think about is what would happen next. *cue Farewell to You, My Friend*


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