8 Things to Avoid During This Year’s Ghost Month

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8 Things to Avoid During This Year’s Ghost Month

Keep the mumu at bay.

| August 22, 2017

8 Things to Avoid

During This Year’s

Ghost Month

By Kaira Guerrero

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We’re just at the third week of August and yet another month is about to begin, and we are not talking about September. Ghost Month is during the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, and it will begin this year on August 22 until September 19.

If you aren’t familiar with Ghost Month, Feng Shui experts say that this is where most people are prone to accidents and bad luck. According to a Chinese folklore, every year during the Ghost Month, spirits of the evil dead crawl from their graves and visit the land of the living. These aren’t just harmless ghosts; they’re spirits from evil people or those who died violent deaths. They roam around wreaking havoc and causing misfortune. At the fifteenth day of the month (September 5 for this year), the Hungry Ghost Festival is held to pacify most of the troublesome and unhappy spirits.

Some of the most tragic events have happened around this time of the year. These include the assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr., the Manila bus hostage crisis, the sinking of MV St. Thomas Aquinas, and 9/11.

We want your lives to be bad luck-free so here are a few tips on how to avoid annoying the irritated entities of bad luck this Ghost Month.

1. Starting a new business

Starting a new business during Ghost Month makes you vulnerable to facing challenges in the future. People believe that ghosts can cast a bad spell on your business and bring you bad luck.


2. Signing business deals or investing

Making huge business decisions or investing is a huge no-no for some businessmen during this time as it’s considered bad luck and they have a high chance of not doing well in the future.

Most of the global fund managers from Europe and the US are having their annual vacations during this time of the year and Chinese businessmen honor their tradition of Ghost Month beliefs, these factors cause the market to get less active therefore resulting in a downward or sideways movement. However, some believe that this temporary weakness in the Philippine stock market can be profitable in the long run because studies have shown that the market bounces back at least a percent higher the month after.


3. Starting major construction or house renovation

House renovations or moving into a new home should be postponed. Moving furniture around may cause ghosts to occupy the empty spaces left. This could also be a way for them to hide and escape from going back to their realm. Spirits are also believed to be attracted by the noise of drilling and construction so limit the house repairs to minor and important fixes only.


4. Taking long trips

If you pause construction and house renovation and you can’t really make major business decisions during Ghost Month, guess what else you can’t do? Long trips. Avoid taking long trips or a vacation via sea and air travel. Especially avoid beaches where there’s a lot of water. Why you ask? Remember, these ghosts are “hungry” and by implication, “thirsty” too. There are also ghosts who died by drowning and might seek revenge by forcing you to become their “substitute” so they can get reincarnated.

But just like what Dr. Anthony Fugoso said, if one can’t avoid swimming, just leave the water before dark because we all know that where there’s darkness, there the ghosts gather which leads us to..