#Walwal: 8 Things to Know if You’re A First-Time Raver

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#Walwal: 8 Things to Know if You’re A First-Time Raver

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| September 15, 2016


#Walwal: 8 Things to Know if You’re A First-Time Raver


Going to your first EDM concert can be exciting and daunting at the same time: people will get wild, neon lights will flash everywhere and music will be at its loudest. But still, it can be the most rewarding experience you’ll ever have, especially if you want to freely express yourself and let all the energy out.

So before you dive “into the wild”, here are some reminders you might need to prep for your first EDM party:


8. Wear a comfy outfit


You are never in a rave party if you don’t dance and get bumped by tons of people, so make sure you wear a comfortable outfit. Some people prefer layering their clothes, then taking some off when it’s near midnight. There are no rules, and it’s a matter of self-expression so wear what makes you feel at ease.


7. Stay full and hydrated!


You’re going to sweat a lot so it’s a must to eat a complete meal before the party. Bring a water bottle with you wherever you go to keep hydrated or else risk waking up to your worst morning the next day.


6. Know the lineup.


Well, this one’s pretty obvious. Knowing your favorite DJs set time can get you really, really hyped.


5. Make new friends!


Meeting new people in a rave party is not as awkward as you might expect it to be. In fact you might be surprised to find everyone to be extra nice. There’s no need for long talk; just jump to the beat of the music and you’ll always have people to rave with.