Things You Didn’t Know About IKEA

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Things You Didn’t Know About IKEA

Does it come in black?

| March 21, 2017

Things You Didn’t Know

About IKEA

By Therese Aseoche

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It’s been confirmed: IKEA is finally coming in the Philippines! Although we still have no clue when and where this Scandinavian furniture company is planning to set up shop, it doesn’t stop us from fantasizing about strolling through aisles, eating IKEA-brand meatballs, and finding the perfect pieces for our dream home…

…and, of course, all the funny videos Pinoys will post about IKEA’s ridiculous product names and DIY furniture assembly.

And while we’re waiting for that day to come, here are some mind-blowing facts about the world’s largest furniture provider.

IKEA is an acronym

It probably never occurred to you but IKEA is an acronym and it stands for Ingvar Kamprad (the founder’s name), Elmtaryd (the farm where Kamprad was raised), and Agunnaryd (the Swedish town where Kamprad grew up).


IKEA’s products use approximately 1% of the entire world’s commercial supply of wood

While that might not seem like a lot, IKEA is making huge efforts to source its products more sustainably. According to their annual sustainability report for Fiscal Year 2016, 61% of their wood is already from friendlier sources which they hope to increase to 100% by 2020.


IKEA is building its own town in London

In 2012, news broke out that IKEA is planning to build a residential on a 26-acre site next to the Olympic Park in Stratford, London. It will consist of office spaces, yoga studios, schools, theaters, apartments, a Marriott hotel, and shops. And while there will be no IKEA store within the area — strange as it may seem — you can expect all the furniture to be from IKEA. No word yet on the due date of the project, though!


There’s a reason why its products are named that way

Believe it or not, there’s actually a good reason why IKEA gives its products weird names instead of assigning a number code — IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad is dyslexic. During the infancy of IKEA, he had trouble remembering the product codes. But instead of getting someone else to handle that job, he created a more creative naming system to help him organize his products more easily.

And no, these names don’t come out of nowhere! Garden furniture are named after Swedish Islands, carpets are assigned Danish place names, curtain accessories are named after mathematical and geometric terms, and so on.