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Things You Learn When Taking Spin Classes for the First Time

The song I Will Survive comes to mind.

| February 27, 2017

Things You Learn When Taking Spin Classes for the First Time

By Therese Aseoche

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When you hit your early 20s, earning income and finally entering “legit adulthood,” you start doing all these things you’ve never done before. You take solo flights. You take up weekend classes. You start hitting the gym after work. You call it #Adulting, as though the true mark of your post-college life is successfully getting off your ass for something other than exams and barkada walwalans.

You also become more conscious of your appearance now that pambahay outfits and eyebags have retired from being fashion statements. As you scroll through your social media feed and see photos of your friends at the gym or doing some exercise you didn’t know existed, you immediately jump into the bandwagon from fear of missing out.

Okay, I’ll admit. These are exactly what I felt before I decided to try out spinning classes. A friend told me all about it and invited me to sign up for a session after work. Out of fear that I’d gain weight if I don’t find an evening workout that worked for me, I decided to give it a shot. And here are the things I learned after trying it for the first time:

8. You don’t just sit there and spin

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Contrary to what you might think, you don’t just sit on a stationary bike and spin for 45 minutes. You also get to lift dumbbells, do push-ups, and tone your core with the trainer’s choreography while spinning.


7. 45 minutes is a long time

You think that you’re not getting your money’s worth with a workout that doesn’t even reach the standard 1 hour, but trust me, 45 minutes is already a long time. Once the pace starts to overwhelm you midway, you’ll be asking yourself: “When will this torture end?!”


6. You should never do more than you are able

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For first-timers, you shouldn’t push yourself too much. Don’t force yourself to catch up to the trainer’s pace and follow their choreography. You should know your body best, so when you feel like you’ve reached your limit, don’t be afraid to sit back down on the saddle and just take it easy.


5. You can do it alone without feeling lonely

Since it’s a group workout, you won’t feel lonely (if that’s what usually discourages you from hitting the gym alone) but at the same time you’re not interacting with other people which makes it feel like you’re working out on your own.