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8 Reasons Why This Video Made Us Want to Have PLDT Home Fibr In Our Homes

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| December 22, 2016

8 Reasons Why This Video

Made Us Want to Have

PLDT Home Fibr In Our Homes

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The video above not only made us laugh, but it also made us cry tears of joy. Because as anyone with an internet connection in the country will tell you, fast is not fast enough. Now, with PLDT Home Fibr, we rejoice in the hope this latest product from PLDT gives us in getting that connection we long for. Here are 8 reasons why seeing this video made us want to get PLDT Home FIbr NOW:

8. 1Gbps

Holy moley, at this speed, we may never want to part with our gadgets. Imagine getting connected instantly, and getting clear video by having a high buffer rate—just the thought makes us salivate!


7. No FOMO on the latest movies and series

Hey we’re spending enough time as it is on catching up on the hottest shows that we could really do away with the extra minutes it takes to download them. And at this speed we can actually opt for the highest resolution our favorite subscription offers!


6. Convenience of storing files to the cloud

The PLDT Home Fibr is gift to us who prefer storing photos and data unto the mighty cloud. We can now conveniently upload unto the cloud without twiddling our thumbs while waiting for them to finish. Hurray! We now have time to clean up our files!


5. Equal upload and download speed

Normally we would have to stop all other applications on our computer just to be able to upload or download files. But with PLDT Home FIbr, we can actually do both at the same time. This is definitely good news to multi-taskers.

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