This Week in Weird News: Animals Imitating Humans, While Humans Just Want their Share of Poop

Lord don’t let this be the new normal.

| July 6, 2018

This Week in Weird News:

Animals Imitating Humans,

While Humans Just Want

their Share of Poop

By Desiree Pore


We live in a world wherein animals and people coexist, so it’s pretty normal that we interact with them. But when one wants to imitate or get things from the other, there’s a pretty thin line between being normal and weird. Check out this and more on this week’s edition of “ecological imbalance.”


1. A Kangaroo Disrupts A Football Game, Wants to Play as Goalie

Yup, the World Cup is overrated, so check this out instead: a kangaroo wanted in on a game of football in Canberra.  At one point, the kangaroo can be seen lounging by the goal and successfully defended his post. The kangaroo was eventually ushered off by a pickup truck, but not before a hilarious display of events.


2. Two Robbers Attempted to Steal Dog Poop, Fails Hilariously

What are kids hitting these days? A doggy daycare in Winnipeg shared a CCTV video of their store wherein two robbers can be seen trying to steal uhm, a garbage can full of dog poop and a broken sign. The driver then dropped the bin, changing his mind while the passenger was left behind by the speeding driver.


3. Thanks to this Man’s Poor Memory, He Won a Whopping Prize Money


Talk about a lucky mistake: John Smedick, Jr. credits his forgetfulness for winning a grand total of $200, 000 on the lottery. Smedick, Jr. claims that he couldn’t remember if he already bought a lotto ticket for the June 29 drawing, so he went and bought another ticket with the same numbers he always plays: 5-19-27-30-35. He plans to use the money for vacation and to pay his bills.


4. This Bear is Living Its Best Life


Everyone dreams of just lounging by the pool and chill; for this bear, it’s a dream come true. Mark Hough of California saw a bear jumped into his hot tub and appeared to be having a “good time.” The bear then “walked right over to the margarita, knocked it over and lapped it” then was seen in an oak tree, sleeping it off, a perfectly good way to cap off its wonderful day!