This Week in Weird News: Extremely Smelly Man Causes Plane to Emergency Land

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This Week in Weird News: Extremely Smelly Man Causes Plane to Emergency Land

Thank goodness for Fridays.

| June 8, 2018

This Week in Weird News:

Extremely Smelly Man

Causes Plane to Emergency Land

By Kyzia Maramara

We’ve finally reached the end of the week, and to celebrate, how about we bring you the latest from the weirdest (i.e. grossest) news we’ve seen this week? Kick back your shoes, heat up your wonton soup, and let’s go!

1. Man gets kicked out of plane from being too smelly

Man evicted from plane after emitting foul odor

Just how unbearable and awful do you have to smell for a whole flight do an emergency landing? A Transavia Airlines plane en route to Gran Canaria, Spain had to do an emergency landing in Portugal a mere one and a half hour after departure. The reason? The man sitting in the back row emitted a body odor so strong it caused people to vomit and faint.

The passengers couldn’t bear the stench which some described as “unbearable” and “it was like he hadn’t washed himself for several weeks.” The situation got to the point where the flight crew quarantined him in the restroom and they couldn’t serve food and drinks. When they landed eventually, the smelly dude was escorted to a waiting medical team.

The situation isn’t new to Transavia Airlines, in fact back in February, a man on a flight between Dubai and Amsterdam caused fights for excessive farting – his seatmates weren’t impressed. The plane had to make an emergency landing in Vienna to hand over the troublemakers to the right authority.


2. Woman took a feces shower and had a crappy day

Squeamish? Avert your eyes now before I tell you that a woman in British Columbia was rained on by liquid poo. LIQUID POO. Susan Allan told the horrific story of how she and her son were sitting in traffic when suddenly feces rained from the sunroof – it covered everything: her body, her face, her car, and even the car behind her. Naturally, she and her son looked up at the clear sky and then saw a passenger plane flying overhead.

Well crap.

As a result of the feces shower, Susan now has conjunctivitis due to feces in both eyes and is asking for compensation for injuries and for her car to be professionally cleaned.


3. R.I.P: “Better place without you”

Relatives of a woman who passed away in Minnesota paid for her obituary to be printed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It started normal enough stating she married and had two kids but by the third paragraph, the write up took a dark turn. It turns out this woman got pregnant from her affair with her brother-in-law and abandoned her two children to live with him in California.

The obituary grudgingly wrote “She will not be missed.. the world is a better place without her” and you can imagine all the people reading their morning paper choking in their morning coffee.


4. A nosey wonton soup

Just heated up my wonton soup up from the Chinese restaurant and seen this shit……IM DONE WITH CHINESE FOOD BRUH!!! TF

Posted by Kelgin Haskins on Monday, June 4, 2018

Facebook user Kelgin Haskins went home last Tuesday and felt hungry. He proceeded to heat the wonton soup he got from a Chinese restaurant. He was maybe contemplating on watching a Netflix movie or going straight to sleep afterwards, but what he wasn’t prepared for was for his stomach to roll over. No human guts over here, just goat nose apparently. Run Kelgin! That ain’t no wonton soup!