This Week in Weird News: Extremely Smelly Man Causes Plane to Emergency Land

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This Week in Weird News: Extremely Smelly Man Causes Plane to Emergency Land

Thank goodness for Fridays.

| June 8, 2018

5. 30-year-old got evicted by parents: “We don’t want you here”


As Filipinos we love our families to death, we can’t image kicking them out of the house! We want them to stay with us forever. I’m pretty sure Michael Rotondo wishes he was born in the Philippines.

Thirty-year-old Michael sadly packed his bags and moved out of his parents’ home in New York after a court ruling order. Michael has been living in the house for 8 years with his parents and obviously they’ve had enough. They filed a law suit against him, offered him $1,100 to find a new home, and ordered him never to return to the house. OUCH.

Michael is left dumbfounded since he didn’t know where he went wrong. He took care of his meals and his own bills and testified that he never bothered his parents. We may never know the truth but all we can do is hope Michael is safe.


6. Melons worth your dream car

A pair of premium melons in Japan sold for Php 1.5 Million and we are not kidding. These are Yubari Japanese melons and they are deemed special in Japan since they are seasonal and are therefore pretty expensive. Japanese consider fruit as luxury items and they buy them as gift for their friends. The millionaire buyer and bidding winner Shinya Noda said that he bought the melon as celebration of his fruit and vegetable packaging company’s 20th anniversary.

Imagine having enough money to buy a house or a car, or even thousands of Jollibee meals and a trip to Paris but spending it all on two edible melons. Worth it!


7. A millionaire from fake dog balls


We have to give Greg Miller credit for pushing through with Neuticles even though everybody around him told him it was stupid and futile. And just look at where the 64-year-old is now, a millionaire and in the process of making as much fake dog balls as you can imagine.

Miller shared that it started when his dog ran away for 4 days following a female dog in heat, he decided to have him neutered afterwards but got sad when he saw his balls-less dog. Miller then asked the vet if there was somebody who supplied fake dog balls so neutered dogs can maintain their natural God-given look. The vet told him it was the craziest thing he’s heard.

A few weeks later, the vet came to Miller and told him maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea. They went and worked on a prototype. Developing Neuticles cost him everything, he got maxed out but he never lost faith in the product. Apparently a lot of people appreciate these testicular implants on their dogs!

And when asked if he has plans to make testicular implants for men, he claims that the FDA approval process would be too much of a hassle.


8. The kiss that angered a thousand social media posts


In low resolution to lessen cringe

Whoops, this was supposed to be listed under “Grosses Things That Happened This Week”, but there you go.


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