This Year’s Best April Fool’s Gags of Gaming

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This Year’s Best April Fool’s Gags of Gaming

More like bandwagon royale, amirite?

| April 3, 2018

Project Eevee x Tekken

This is really going to shake things up at REV Major this year.


PlayStation: The Board Game

If video games like Doom and Fallout can get their own board game then why can’t an entire console? Introducing PlayStation: The Board Game, in which you can yell invectives at your team mates within earshot and draw your own platinum trophies. And like the console it’s named after, it absolutely will not have cross-play with Nintendo Switch: The Board Game and Xbox One: The Board Game.


Final Fantasy XIV GO

This clever parody of the unnecessary ‘second screen’ apps that game publishers keep mandating and a subtle dig at 2016’s Pokémon Go mania, Final Fantasy XIV ‘Gathering Online’ lets players collect resources using geopositioned resource nodes. An optional Harvesting Stick will improve resource gains, but at the risk of your phone’s structural integrity.

Corsair makes a stand against abuse of GPUs

All of us who considered a new graphics card this past year are exasperated by the inflation in card prices caused by cryptocurrency mining. Graphics processors around the world are working overtime in the crypto mines in search of digital bling like Bitcoin. Corsair is asking you to sponsor a card and they’ll send you a photo for every one that’s rescued and rehomed in a proper gaming rig.


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