Times Coca-Cola Made Life’s Moments Better

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Times Coca-Cola Made Life’s Moments Better

Never a meal without it.

| January 25, 2017

Times Coca-Cola Made Life’s Moments Better

By RJ Firmeza

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Coca-Cola has ingrained its DNA in the Filipino culture to the point that celebrations aren’t complete without a Coke bottle on the table. And we simply find it irresistible, whether it’s a hot sunny day or an afternoon snack, an ice-cold Coca-Cola remains to be the most iconic drink that we all enjoy especially when it’s with friends and family which truly reflects their slogan, “Hindi Kumplete Kung Walang Kasalo.” Here are a couple of times when Coke made moments better.

8. The “AHH” Effect

There’s only one way to describe the feeling of gulping a bottle of coke and that’s no other than saying “AHH” impulsively.


7. Affective Christmas ads


Coca-Cola surely knows the right formula on how to make our hearts melt with its moving ads every Christmas.


6. Running at the sari-sari store

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Remember those times during a celebration when your mom realizes that there’s no bottle of coke on the table yet, and tells you, “Anak, takbo ka naman sa sari-sari store para bumili ng coke!”


5. A hard day’s work

There are just really those random days where you crave for coke after a long and stressful day, but a can of coke makes everything feel a little bit better after.