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Times Lucky Me Pancit Canton Made Life’s Moments Better

Got us through tough times.

| November 26, 2016

Times Lucky Me Pancit Canton Made Life’s Moments Better

By Baxter Jacinto

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Lucky Me’s Pancit Canton has been a staple in the Filipino household for more than two decades. It’s that kind of snack which people of all age will always enjoy. Here are a couple of times where Lucky Me’s pancit canton made moments better.

8. Barkada

Remember those days where your friends would crash into your friend’s house and he’d ask his yaya to cook about 3-4 packs of pancit canton?


7. Thesis

It was literally sleepless nights during thesis making to the extent that there was no time to cook food anymore. But thank goodness for the microwave and pancit canton, which mean instant goodness!


6. Broke

Those days where we just don’t have enough money but pancit canton was there to get us through the week.


5. Options

We all loved the original pancit canton but we wanted something different so they came up with Kalamansi then Extra Hot Chili then Chilimansi and ultimately Sweet & Spicy. There was never a boring phase with the flavor choices of Lucky Me’s pancit canton and that always got us excited whenever we would see a new flavor at the grocery.

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