Humans Vs Artifacts: 8 Times People Were Too Touchy With Art

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Humans Vs Artifacts: 8 Times People Were Too Touchy With Art

What would Indiana Jones do?

| August 9, 2017

Humans Vs Artifacts:

8 Times People

Were Too Touchy With Art

By Desiree Pore

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Humans never fail to surprise us with their quick wit and dumb luck. The Greek gods are probably looking down on us mere mortals and betting what’s the stupidest thing that could happen next in a particular scenario. Well I bet they weren’t the least bit disappointed in what they saw, in fact they’re probably enjoying the show! Here’s 8 times people had a different kind of fun at a museum.

1. The Boy Who Punched a Painting

First rule in visiting museums is to never under any circumstances touch the art. Unless, of course, if the building is burning, which in that case don’t touch it still because I’m pretty sure the museum has its own evacuation plan. But this boy had a different idea in mind when he tripped and punched a $1.5 Million painting at Taipei’s Huashan 1914 Creative Park. As if that’s not worse enough, he also had a soda in the same hand that punched the painting. DOUBLE WHAMMY! I bet that visit will scar him for life. Luckily the curator of the exhibition did not ask the boy’s family to pay for the damage as the painting is insured.




2. Smashed lego artwork of Nick from Zootopia

Small but terrible – these are the children of the new generation. They can look harmless one minute and then wreak havoc the next. Just like this young boy at the LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China who smashed the lego artwork of Nick from Zootopia. It has only been an hour since the new exhibit opened on its first day!  The artist said that it was worth $15,000 and that he had spent a number of days piecing it together. But he was kind enough to let the incident go without compensation, saying that the boy didn’t mean what he did.


3. The ancient wooden clock that fell

The rules in a museum aren’t there to keep people from having fun. It’s there to be respected and obeyed and to preserve the artifacts that are probably a hundred years older than you. But that’s not what this man did when he went to the National Watch and Clock Museum. Apparently, he was looking at the art, a wooden handmade clock, and decided that he wanted to see how it worked. So he tinkered with it a few times until bam! It fell in broken woody heaps on the floor. To his credit, he immediately called museum staff and admitted his mistake.


4. The trash themed artwork that was treated like.. trash

This marvelous party-themed installation entitled Where Are We Going to Dance Tonight (2015) by artists Goldschmied and Chiari was on an exhibit at the Museion Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art in Italy. It’s a great and lively masterpiece that looked real. Unfortunately, this is the exact same reason for the art’s downfall.

A group of hardworking cleaners who were told to clean the foyer accidentally cleaned the entire artwork itself. Made to look like a real aftermath of a party with numerous champagne bottles and confetti, the cleaners mistook it for the real thing. Imagine the surprise of the curator when she comes in the next day and finds the art all gone! Fortunately they were able to save the pieces and offered to reinstall it to its former glory.