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Humans Vs Artifacts: 8 Times People Were Too Touchy With Art

What would Indiana Jones do?

| August 9, 2017

5. The Girl Who Took a Selfie that Shookt the Artifacts

Of course it’s a given that we will take photos of artwork in museums, heck that’s part of why we go there – because we want to brag we went there! But it’s also crucial to be alert and careful in taking photos. Unlike this woman who wanted to have her picture taken with the Hypercaine (2015) an art that is a 60-pedestal beauty with different kinds of crowns made in varying metal on top. She was taking a photo with it when she got a lot closer than intended and bumped into one pedestal which toppled and had a domino effect on the others. The damage caused was worth $200,000!


6. The Crossword Lover

A 91-year-old woman thought she was in for a treat when she whipped out her ballpoint pen and started writing on an art piece that looked like a crossword puzzle. To her defense, the artwork really did look like a crossword. It was called the Reading-Work-Piece at the Nuremberg’s Neues Museum. It even had the phrase “Insert words” written on it so how could this woman resist the temptation to fill it out? The once-young crossword addict in her suddenly resurfaced and committed the act that caused an $89,000 damage. Don’t go blaming her though, there were no signs that said she shouldn’t write anything and hello, the artwork itself invited her to! Don’t worry though, officials said the art piece could be restored (whew!).


7. Two Concerned Teenagers

Imagine the pity these two teenagers must’ve felt when they saw the 5,000-year-old rock carving looking faded and forlorn. It is with their good intentions and pure heart that they took a sharp object and started carving on the outline of the earliest evidence of a person skiing.  County Archaeologist for Norway’s Nordland County Tor-Kristian Storvik said that the carvings cannot be restored to its former glory because “the lines are both in and outside where the old marks had been.”


8. Spoiled Kids Who Spoiled an Artwork

If you’re going to the museum with your kids, please for the love of art keep them in check. Do not let them run around or go beyond the ropes because surprise surprise, kids might damage the art! But of course the parents of this one didn’t care. Their kids went near the artwork Angel is Waiting at the Shanghai Museum of Glass and played with it and broke it while the parents are filming their children on their phones! The artist Shelly Xue spent 27 months making it and even dedicated it to her daughter.

She has since then renamed the art Broken after the incident. It has also been reported that there is now a monitor displayed beside the art replaying the CCTV footage of the incident.


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