8 Times We Felt the Apocalypse Was Coming

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8 Times We Felt the Apocalypse Was Coming

When can we colonize other planets?

| January 6, 2017

8 Times We Felt the Apocalypse Was Coming

By Therese Aseoche

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The end is nigh, or so we say every time we encounter shocking news. 2016 was full of those moments that left us #shookt. Here are just some of them:

8. Every time a well-loved performer died.

We thought these popstars and Hollywood Hall-of-Famers would live forever, or at least long enough to keep entertaining our children and our children’s children. We’ve suffered some of the worst celebrity losses this year, namely David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, Prince and, most recently, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

And we can’t help but agree with this:


7. When Pokémon Go caused frenzies.



Never before have we witnessed digital obsession quite like the (albeit short-lived) Pokémon Go hype. It kind of makes you shudder at the thought that a harmless game is capable of sparking stampedes and accidents that shows us what a zombie apocalypse would look like.


6. When the northern ice caps continued to melt at an alarming rate.


With the increasing temperatures that prevent ice from forming in the North Pole, scientists are already warning us that we’ll soon feel the effects of climate tipping points, or what might be the points of no return. Still convinced global warming is a myth? Time to binge-watch some apocalyptic climate change movies to slap some sense into yourself.


5. When China announced a pollution red alert.

It looks exactly like a scene lifted from an apocalyptic movie, doesn’t it? We’re no stranger to news of China’s alarming pollution level, but never did we imagine it would get this bad. Hopefully, the affected residents weren’t too pleased with the five-day off work and school following the pollution red alert ordered by Beijing authorities. Breathing in  that disastrous smog is no way to live.