8 of the Craziest Things Noontime Hosts have Ever Said (Or Done) On Air

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8 of the Craziest Things Noontime Hosts have Ever Said (Or Done) On Air

Being a host doesn’t give you license to say whatever you want.

| July 12, 2016

Craziest-Things-Noontime-Hosts-8 of the Craziest Things
Noontime Hosts have Ever
Said (Or Done) On Air
By Janus Dosequis Harvey

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Live television is a challenging beast to contend with, especially when anything and everything can go wrong. It’s basically an exercise in on the spot crisis management, because you never know when someone will trip down the stairs or fall off the stage, usually while holding a live mic.


Like so.

We can’t really expect perfection from live television, but that doesn’t excuse people when they say some patently insane stuff on the air. Sometimes, the insanity can be hilarious. Sometimes, not so much. Take for example…

8. Randy Santiago’s endorsement of MonaKiki on Lunch Date.


“May Mona ka na, may… damit ka pa!”

Testing the limits of the MTRCB, Randy Santiago’s very naughty play on words made my heart stop every single time I heard it.


7. Joey De Leon is fascinated by “That’s My Boy” contestant’s “bird.”


Joey De Leon has been suspended by the MTRCB multiple times, but the first cut was the deepest, because when he asked a “That’s My Boy” contestant what his favorite pet was, the completely oblivious kid answered “bird,” and Joey proceeded to make double entendres for the rest of the awkward segment. It was drawn out and it was cringe-worthy, especially since he did it to a kid.

6. Willie Revillame hates ingrates.


Oh, Willie Revillame. If we tried to enumerate every insane thing he has ever said on the air during his shows (which are sometimes noontime shows and sometimes noontime shows in a different time slot), we would probably have a career writing 8Lists for the rest of our lives. One of the tamer ones, though, was when he decided to air some dirty backstage laundry between two cast members who were arguing with each other, and he rebuked them both by telling them, “You don’t do that to me!”

Let’s do that to you and take you back to that moment!

5. Vice Ganda’s armpit incident.


In an episode of It’s Showtime, Vice Ganda apparently felt the need to wipe his armpit dry with a towel, and then use that same towel on a backup dancer’s face. Ummm… no thanks? The MTRCB had words with him, but it doesn’t seem like he got suspended over it.