#TS6 Is Coming and Here’s What The Internet Thinks So Far

Like a Dan Brown novel.

| August 24, 2017

#TS6 Is Coming

and Here’s What The Internet

Thinks So Far

By Kyzia Maramara

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Following Taylor Swift’s win at court days ago, something equally epic transpired. And we’re not talking about the eclipse. She wiped clean her social media accounts, and all her fans are thrown in a frenzy. What could it mean? To all her loyal Swiftie fans, this could have been clear as crystal. After all it’s been 3 whole years after the release of 1989, everybody needs new music from her!

Her more dedicated fans have taken the social media blackout as a start for a new era. Clues have spread all over the internet and we’ve listed everything down for you from the most logical theories to the craziest!

Social media blackout

It started with the social media blackout on Friday, August 18, which fans initially thought of was a result of a hack. All of Taylor’s social media accounts have been wiped clean and when we say wiped clean, we mean clean. All her pictures, posts, tweets, followings, and even her website! Could this mean she’s laying low after everything that’s happened to her? (Katy Perry feud, Kanye issue, Tom Hiddleston break-up, court trial over the DJ, WOW THAT’S A LOT). Is she retiring from the music industry? All the Swifties beg to differ because…


She just posted a video

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Two videos, rather, and it’s convincing everybody that it’s a clue to her 6th album. Three days ago she posted a cryptic 10-second muted video of what looks like the tail of a snake or some equally horrific reptile or, if you’re unimaginative, an old dirty cable. In just 48 hours it got about 76,000 retweets and 191,000 likes on Twitter. Come on Taylor, what does that mean?!

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As if that isn’t enough, she posted another muted video of the same reptile. This time it’s 20 seconds long. That just led to another wave of fans everywhere decoding the video and connecting it to her life. Some are expecting a third video where they say the full image of the reptile will be exposed.



Via Imgrum

Turns out Taylor has a lot of connection with snakes. We all remember that Taylor Swift hasn’t exactly stayed away from the limelight these past few years. She had her break-up with DJ Calvin Harris, her revealing that she wrote “This Is What You Came For” under a pseudonym, the issue with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, the split with Tom Hiddleston, and also more recently, the court trial with another DJ. Try saying that in one breath!

With all her issues with these other celebrities, the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsASnake started in 2016 where a lot of people flooded her social media with snake emojis. This was mostly because Kim K defended Kanye West by “exposing” Taylor with a series of Snapchat videos during what was known as National Snake Day.

And now it looks like she’s making good use of all the hate thrown at her. Well look at that haters, she’s using you to make music and money! Kinda like how “Blank Space” worked for her, huh?


Her website says a lot

Of course her website is wiped clean also. But the blank space (no pun intended) can tell you something if you look hard enough. Apparently all the tech whiz Swifties out there found out that the site’s coding, when run through a cryptogram translates to “that’s what they don’t see.” Could the fans just be reading into it too hard and making interpretations, or could they be on to something?

In any case, this is the fandom right now: