8 Moves To Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession

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8 Moves To Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession

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| November 25, 2016

8 Moves To Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession

By Aileen Santos

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It’s been said that it’s easier to turn your passion into your job, rather than look for a job that matches your passion.

While it’s true that it is easier, it will still take time, effort, and a lot of perseverance–just  like with all other worthwhile things.

Here are eight “transformation moves” you can make in turning your own passion into your profession.

1. Clarify Your Own Definition of Success


One major thing that keeps people where they are instead of where they want to go is the fear of “What if I don’t succeed?”

What they really mean is: “What if I don’t succeed by other people’s standards?”

And this why it’s incredibly important for you to define what success means to you.

Get a piece of paper and list the 8 most important things that you want your “passion job” to give you.

Stuff like: I’ll have the flexibility to work anywhere I want. It will build on my expertise in my industry. I will make at least x amount of money each month. It will give me more time with my family.

When you have your “8 most important” list, you can now use it to check if you truly are moving towards success.


2. Create Your List of “Dream Projects”


These are the projects you want to try that will bring you additional expertise and income, as well as bring you closer to your passion profession.

You can have as many project ideas as you want, of course, but thinking about them all can might overwhelm you.

This is where your “8 most important” list comes in.

Assign 10 points to every item on your “8 most important list,” then use them as your criteria to “rate” each of your dream project ideas.

The top 3 highest rating ideas will be the ones you’ll want to work on first, because they have the highest potential towards your passion job.


3. Dream Big, but Start Small


Remember your “8 most important list?”

When you rate your projects against these criteria, I want to add two more criteria:

* I can start on it right away at my current skill level

* There is an opportunity right now for me to do this

These additional criteria will help you start where you are, while still moving forward.


4. Look at What’s Working Now


Speaking of starting where you are, ask yourself: “How does my current job help me in moving towards my ‘passion profession’?”

You are where you are now for a reason, and the reason is most likely this: there’s something about it that’s fulfilling to you.

Find out what it is, and incorporate it into your plans.

(Maybe you don’t even need to leave your current job / company / industry. Maybe you just need to modify your job description, and you’ll already be working on your passion!)