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The 8 Types of Drunk People Every Barkada Seems to Have

Which one are you?

| May 17, 2016

8 types of drunkThe 8 Types of Drunk People
Every Barkada Seems to Have
By Beatriz Tan Saldua

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In a culture where the legal age limit is more of a guideline and most people learn how to tagay before they hit college, a lot of us have learned to blame a lot of things on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. Or on, you know, the gin-pomelo.

8. The Pa-Strong

8b Types of Drunk

The friend who just never gets drunk. This is the friend everyone counts on to take care of, well, everyone. Also usually the designated driver whose car ends up functioning as a school bus to take everyone home.

7. The Pabebe

7 Types of Drunk

The Pabebe is every Pa-Strong’s nightmare. This one is always caught playing lasing-lasingan because they think it’s cute—but really, it’s hassle bro.

6. The Word Vomit-er

6 Types of Drunk

The second their first sip of alcohol touches their mouth, the Word Vomit-er will not close it again. They will talk, and talk, and talk. This is the “drunk words, sober thoughts” kind of person who may or may not handle their liquor well. Every barkada has one in their midst, and everyone is used to wrestling this person’s phone away from them, at one point in the evening, to keep them from sliding back to their latest ex.

5. The actual Vomit-er

5 Types of Drunk