Anu Na: 8 Types of People in Chat Groups

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Anu Na: 8 Types of People in Chat Groups

Please, don’t be number 8.

| August 15, 2017

Anu Na:

8 Types of People

in Chat Groups

By Paolo Mariano

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Thanks to Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp, group communication has never been easier. Where would we be today without chat groups? CAN YOU IMAGINE? We’d be talking face to face with our friends instead! GASP! Que horror! So impractical! So strange! So much hard work!

Just like the quintessential microcosm of society, which is obviously the Pinoy Big Brother House (such diverse and real characters!), chat groups also have members with different personalities. That’s why chat groups are fun, interesting, and admit it, a little annoying, all at the same time.

The Gamer

Even if Earth is already being gobbled up by a massive sinkhole, The Gamer still wouldn’t notice because he/she is too busy sending EverWing invites. He/she doesn’t contribute much in the chat group except for the occasional “LOL.” That is if he/she isn’t maniacally swiping on his cellphone screen. Candy Crush, Zynga Poker, Pokemon Go—name it, The Gamer has played it. A pool party discussion in the chat group? Boring! A Mobile Legends challenge at 2:36 am? FUCK YEAH!


The Random Links Guy/Gal

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He/she is the chat group’s missing link. With that appallingly lame joke out of the way, there’s always one person who sends random links. May it be a news item, a Tasty video, a sexy photo of Gal Gadot, a new Jay-Z song, or an eat-all-you-can promo. It shows he/she is well-informed. Plus the fact he/she has a lot free time. He/she is a modern Renaissance Man/Woman. Take that, Blaise Pascal! To those who don’t know him, here’s a link:


GIF Guy/Gal

Aside from electricity, Knorr seasoning, and Alison Brie, one of the greatest inventions known to man is the GIF. Today, GIFs are as omnipresent as Baby Zia’s latest accomplishments. Hence, GIF Guy/Gal. He/she posts nothing but GIFs. Whether it’s a reply to a question or he/she just stumbled upon a funny one. It feels like he/she has forgotten that it’s perfectly okay to converse with actual words like a normal person instead of with looped animated images. GIF is life.


Meme Guy/Gal

See GIF Guy/Gal and replace every “GIF” with “meme.”