8 Types of Pinoy Dads

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8 Types of Pinoy Dads

Don’t tell mama, ha!

| June 9, 2015

Parents are funny creatures; ones that probably won’t make sense even when we’re standing in their shoes. They’re complex beings, and while we might never solve the mystery, the most we can do is figure out what type of mom or dad they are and go from there! All dads are created equally awesome, and here are some of the different types of Pinoy Dads out there:

8. The Overprotective Dad

The overprotective dad is the one who texts you at 9pm when he knows you’re on a night out, asking you if you’re ready to be picked up. Contrary to popular belief, this type of dad can get just as overprotective about his sons as with his daughters, although the girls sometimes have to jump through more hoops. “Napakita ko na ba sa ‘yo koleksyon ko ng patalim?” – Dad to every manliligaw. The overprotectiveness is worth it though, because you know he’ll get up at 2AMto save you from the Flipis that’s been terrorizing you all night.


7. The Punny Guy

This kind of dad has an endless barrage of jokes up his sleeve, from toilet humor to surprisingly well-thought-out comedy. All of your friends love him, and the reason you’re in good shape is because you get a good ab work out from laughing at home all the time, even when he kids that his best joke is you.


6. The Artistahin

All your female friends love hanging out at your house to catch a glimpse of your artistahin father, and you honestly can’t blame them. His shirt and shoe game is always on point, he’s in better shape than you are, and even when he’s walking around in boxers and pambahay he’s just the type of man who carries himself well. So no, guys, you can’t come over on carwash day. Because gross.


5. The Collector

Your collector of a father is the reason you didn’t get to play with Matchboxes as a kid, because they stayed in their boxes and went straight into glass cases. From vintage memorabilia and retro art to toys and every kind of wrench or drill bit imaginable, The Collector is an easy man to please because all you have to do is gift him an addition to the collections!


4. The Homemaker

The Homemaker dad is the one who initiates furniture rearranging in the house every few weeks, who cooks Sunday lunch like a boss, and mends your clothes when you rip them. This type of dad is also probably the one who braided your hair for school until you got old enough to do it yourself, and most likely still packs your lunch every morning. New recipes excite him, which means that you are most probably overweight from trying out all of his amazing dishes.


3. The Techie Dad

This type of dad knows his way around AV set ups better than you do, and as a Millennial, you’re the one who’s supposed to be good at this sort of thing! He’s got his keyboard shortcuts memorized, and is the one who troubleshoots your smartphone whenever you push a button you’re not supposed to. He’s also prone to G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), which means that you probably have more than five digital cameras in your home at any given time, and are in possession of way more tech than he or your family even needs.


2. The Up-To-Date Dad

This kind of dad’s meme game is stronger than yours, and is the first to let you know when Nike is dropping a new pair of kicks in the country. You pick up new lingo from him (how does he even?), and he has more followers on Instagram and Twitter than you do. He’s very much down with the times, and probably even took you to get your first tattoo. The only downside to having an Up-To-Date dad? He’s cooler than you.


1. The Old-School Dad

The Old-School Dad is classic – from his choice of loud Hawaiian print shirts or short-sleeved barongs, to the Pinoy action star facial hair he’s rocking. He can outdrink any of your 20-something friends during inumans at the house, and can always be trusted to have the perfectly diplomatic response to any situation. He’s a hard man when he needs to be, but still gives you the best hugs and heartfelt advice when you need it. Thanks, pop. You’re the best!


Which type of dad do you have? Tell us more about your awesome fathers in the comments!