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Types of Professors You’ll Encounter in College

Sit down, padawan.

| July 3, 2017


Types of Professors

You’ll Encounter in College

By Kyzia Maramara

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In the jungle, the mighty jungle called the classroom, you get to meet a lot of people. Creatures known as students are not the only ones lurking from room to room, there are also the professors.  Get to know your professors, and if you’re already a graduate, get to relieve your memories with them!

The Fire-Breathing Dragons

Via Giphy

Let’s start with this. The ancient, fire-breathing creatures. You hear stories about dragons and although there’s none in our time, you get scared. The same way you get scared when on the first day of classes a senior leaks information that a specific professor should be avoided at all costs. “Ay nako goodluck sa klase ni Sir ABCDE nambabagsak yun. May hindi nakagradute dahil sa kanya.” Also, of course, dragons are ancient creatures, much like the types of professors who graduated from your university in the early 19XX and have been teaching in it since then.

But we’re not supposed to cultivate fear in our relationship with our professors, just take time to get to know them and maybe they’ll warm up to you. Maybe.


The All-Knowing One

Via Giphy

They say a person becomes attractive when they’re smart; the same thing applies to professors. They should possess a huge reservoir of knowledge to impart to their students. However, it’s rare to come across a professor who is smart and knows exactly how to teach students. Knowledgeable professors are like rare Pokemon cards, when you encounter one, you will forever cherish them and will not forget them until the end of time.


The Part-timers

These types of professors are always on-the-go during weekdays because they have a job other than teaching students like you. Be grateful for having them because they are teaching from experience, and an updated experience at that. Although just a tip, be extra careful to submit projects on time because if they give you a grade you don’t deserve, you have to follow them to the end of the world before you can get your grades changed.


The Millenial-ish

Via Giphy

But then we have cool professors who, regardless of their age, jive well with all the students he/she handles. It could also be because they don’t charge students with a lot of work and they’re familiar with student-speak. Students must be especially careful of this type though, you never know if they could turn out to be the dreaded “Smiling Singko”.