Underappreciated Occupations that are Praiseworthy

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Underappreciated Occupations that are Praiseworthy

Farmers should be gods.

| July 13, 2017



that are Praiseworthy

By Kyzia Maramara

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We walk our daily lives preoccupied with everything but the world around us. We are impatient to get to work or to the office, we want everything to run smoothly for us so we have a great day. Have we ever paid attention to occupations that aren’t in the same field as ours? Have we ever noticed how other people move and make a living in this world? Here are some underappreciated occupations that are really worth all the praise.

1. Driver

We’re all used to drivers in whatever vehicle they come in be it in a jeepney, bus, taxi, or even the over-priced side cars. Aside from the fact that we are grateful they get us where we have to be, what we forget to commend them for is their skill to multi-task! They’re very great at driving while doing sums, something not all of us can do at the same time (or can’t do both individually at all).  Even though at times we get angry for their annoying habit of waiting at every corner for a passenger, let’s admit it, a job is a job and you have to do what you can to earn.


2. Vendor

Finding an occupation that will help you and your family stay afloat is hard, so is committing to one occupation when you find it. The dedication of these vendors in selling their goods on the streets deserves an award. Day in, day out, 365 days a year you can always find these reliable vendors selling their reliable products. So in the Philippines, you never have to worry about running out of supplies or being hungry because there’s always a store on the road.

Being a vendor is not that easy (there are a lot of competitors) but it sure keeps the family well-fed and for that I think they are satisfied.


3. Housewife

Technically not a profession, although it very well could be. Housewives are great women who waived their jobs in order to oversee over their children who are growing up. It’s noble and rewarding. You can watch your children’s firsts and guide them all throughout their lives. Although I know that not all women have the option of being housewives as some have to earn, those who are housewives are proud of their decision and their accomplishments, I’m sure.


4. Carpenters and construction workers

These are the people who work hard to build you a home or an office. You describe it, give them materials, and they can make it for you! They can work through blinding heat or heavy rain. The bad side of this is construction workers are often the ones who cat-call women on the streets. I’m not saying everyone, I’m saying there are.