8 Unforgettable TV Jingles from Your Childhood

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8 Unforgettable TV Jingles from Your Childhood

Bet we can get you humming.

| September 8, 2016


8 Unforgettable TV Jingles from Your Childhood
By Therese Aseoche

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There are some things from our childhood we can never forget, and topping that list are TV commercial jingles. Loved ‘em or hated ‘em, we never failed to break into a song (and possibly dance) when these earworms played on our TVs. Relive those childhood memories by listening to these catchy favorites!

8. Alaska

Impulse to sing button: seeing Fred Uytengsu’s mug does it everytime.

7. I Love You Sabado – Jollibee

Impulse to sing button: Saturday morning cartoons will trigger your vocal cords.

6. Makulay ang Buhay – Knorr

Impulse to sing button: everytime you read the word “makulay” on your teacher’s presentation.

5. Good Morning sa Inyo – Nescafe

Impulse to sing button: usually your first fix of caffeine of the day

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