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Unicorn Desserts that Actually Look Good Enough to Eat

Food staples in Lala land.

| March 27, 2017

Unicorn Desserts that Actually

Look Good Enough to Eat

By Therese Aseoche

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After news broke out that a local café was selling a limited supply of Dapper Coffee Singapore’s sought-after Unicorn Tears drink, a lot of people wanted to get their hands on it. If you’re only hearing of this drink now, here’s what it looks like:

Via Shout

(Pretty, ain’t it? Bet you want one for yourself now!)

This ethereal concoction (that happens to be drinkable, by the way) is one of the very few instances of “Unicorn Desserts” actually looking pretty rather than looking like the result of a fairy’s brutal hangover. It’s often because we see more of the latter that we tend to cringe at the mention of Unicorn Desserts, but these magically edible sweet treats will turn you into a believer once again!

8. Rainbow Toasts

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Four slices of each for breakfast, please!


7. Sparkly Meringue

You know they’re doing it right when desserts that look like unicorn poop don’t look like poop at all.


6. Healthy Magic

For something that supposedly looks artificial, it’s made with natural ingredients. What sorcery!


5. Unicorn Porridge

The only acceptable photo of unicorn barf.