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Restaurants in UP Town Center with Meals Perfect for the Student Budget

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| May 11, 2017

Restaurants in UP Town Center

with Meals Perfect

for the Student Budget

By  Therese Aseoche

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UP Town Center is full of excellent restaurants and, understandably, would not be the top of mind choice to go to for student-friendly budget gustatory delights. But if you look closely, there are those that serve meals affordable enough even for those in the middle of petsa-de-peligro, while also being able to satisfy our taste buds and fill our stomachs. Here’s a guide on where to go for lunch and dinner for those times you don’t want to make a beeline for the fast food joints.

8. Sushi Nori

Budget meal: PHP 100 – 250

Sushi Nori is a testament to the fact that it’s possible to get quality sushi without having to break the bank. They also offer rice meals for under PHP 200!


7. Rodic’s Diner

Budget meal: PHP 99

It still comes as a surprise that UP Diliman’s very own Rodic’s diner has made its way to UPTC, but it’s comforting to see a familiar face. Here you can get a delicious tapsilog meal for just under PHP 100 and leave feeling satisfied.


6. Friuli Trattoria

Budget meal: PHP 125 – 250

Friuli Trattoria is one of the best pizza joints you’ll ever get to eat in. Not only is their food delicious and filling, but they’re also pretty sulit for their price! You can already get a whole pizza that’s good for two for as low as PHP 190 and — even better — a pasta dish also good for two for as low as PHP 125!

Pro-tip: you can ask for two flavors of pizza in one; you just have to pay for the price of the flavor that costs more.


5. Silantro

Budget meal: PHP 110 – 250

There’s a reason why people are willing to queue for a long time just to eat in Silantro; its dishes are surprisingly hefty for its inexpensive price! You can already fill yourself with its best-selling Beef Nachos (a.k.a. the best nachos you’ll ever eat in your lifetime) for just PHP 160! The serving sizes of the mains are too big just for one person too, so you can always half the price with someone else — giving you even more bang for your buck!