Viral Internet Trends

That Irritated Us

(but Made Us Sing Along, Anyway)

By Kyzia Maramara

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The internet: oh what a huge help to humanity! Everything about anything can be accessed in a split second– information at your fingertips! Of course, the internet has a dark side, things that will make you ask “what is the point of this?” And “why does it exist?” Here’s a list of the viral trends that spread across our timelines and made us scratch our heads.

Don’t forget to sing along!

Baby Shark

Who on earth has not heard of this song? On the radio, online, in TV shows, and even in classrooms, this song has been sung and danced to. And we have South Korea to thank for it. Ha! Who knew K-Pop could be this annoying? Baby Shark was introduced in 2015 by PinkFong, a Korean-based educational startup that provides fun animated content for children worldwide. Now the infection is spreading across Asia–thanks to the internet.

A YouTube comment from Terminator RC which we can all relate to.

It’s popular with kids and teachers for its simple lyrics and easy dance moves. So easy that even adults did a real performance to it. It now has 200 Million views on YouTube and it’s been made into a dance challenge, which Filipinos are more glad to accept.  Why? Because internet!


Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP)

After your initial viewing of this video you will only have one reaction: what the heck did I just watch?

But if you think the original video is messed up, watch Ryuk performing it! Why would anyone disgrace Ryuk the Shinigami like this?! Everybody who enjoyed this will have their name written in the Death Note, beware!

A Japanese comedian named Kazuhito Kosaka, whose stage name is Pikotaro, wrote this song and performed it. According to Wikipedia, he was alone in his house one day when he couldn’t get a tune out of his head so he took a pen. He thought of apples because he once lived in Japan’s biggest apple-producing region, and he saw that he had a can of pineapple on the table. Thus was born a masterpiece. And the rest is history.

No, really, I wasn’t kidding.

This weird song has had so many parodies that I don’t even want to list ’em all. Bubble Gang had one, albeit with a version full of innuendos. Why do all the annoying songs have to be the ones trending?



Look up twerking on Google or YouTube and you’ll be scarred for life. Seriously. Don’t even attempt to try it. Ever since a song came out that introduced that dance move, everybody was up for the challenge. Mothers, daughters, babies, squads of boys and girls, you name it! Could this signal the end of humanity?


Energy Gap

The first few times you’ve watched James Reid dance and sing to this, you thought it was okay. After all, he’s not a bad dancer, and his voice isn’t that bad too. But then out of nowhere, the whole thing became a meme! From its catchy tunes to the dance moves that made you want to dance along; What’s so bad about it? Multiple versions sprouted on the internet: the buko juice version, ice tubig, and even the trippy weed version.

Tatlong Bibe

This well-known nursery rhyme resurfaced after we thought we left it in our respective nursery schools for good. After Daniel Matsunaga sang Tatlong Bibe to calm down a duck (don’t ask) in his teleserye Be My Lady, a nationwide Last Song Syndrome (LSS) ensued. Everybody seemed to remember how much they liked the song when they were young. Soon enough kids and adults were singing it once again: acapella groups made videos of it, prime-time talk shows danced to it, and it even had a remix! It’s keeping up with the times, this song.


Gangnam Style

Sure it’s been 5 years since PSY released his song Gangnam Style but even now in 2017, we still feel the tremors of its influence. The fact remains that we once were slaves to this ridiculous dance craze that is Gangnam Style! The craziest manifestation must have been the Baby Gangnam Style on YouTube (who on earth had the logic to think it?).

It was so viral that even now people are watching it on YouTube. Of course, the feat of having 2.9 billion views will always be there. But again: why? Mikey Bustos, a Filipino vlogger, created a parody entitled Opo Pinoy Style that promotes the Philippines and all our great characteristics. Bogart the Explorer also created a parody. The Cebu Dancing Inmates did a funny dance cover and even the TV Patrol hosts had a point where they danced to it live! Such was the grasp of Gangnam Style!


Doobi doobi dapp dapp

Skip to 02:22, it’s where the fun starts, trust me.

Behold! The Rap God of the Philippines in his full glory. Kuya Willie isn’t only great at giving jackets and payb taw sans, he’s also great with dishing out all those dubidubidapdaps you see online! I mean watch him and then watch all those other contestants. Nobody can perfect that chorus but him! You can try, but you’ll be risking choking yourself to death. Well, Digong gave it a shot and I guess he was close to perfection?


Whoops Kiri

Vice Ganda has always been a trendsetter. He spearheaded the “Edi Wow and Push Mo Yan Movement” and the “Dahil Diyan May Nag-text!”, among others. He is such a huge influence on us whether we admit it or not.  Whoops Kiri is a song by the girl group Fruitcake, which Vice Ganda took it upon himself to revive completely with dance moves. Circa 2013, it took to the streets where everybody could be found dancing to it.



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