Infamous Ways People Make Money on the Internet

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Infamous Ways People Make Money on the Internet

Brave new world.

| March 1, 2017

Infamous Ways People

Make Money on the Internet

By Baxter Jacinto

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Being infamous on the internet is one thing, but there are also people who monetize their infamy on the internet–and they make a killing doing so. Let’s take a look at some of  them.

8. Deceiving click-bait hyperlinks

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Clickbaits are horrible, but it works. People can easily be led to clickbait websites that has tons of ads. Imagine having to go through more than 5 pop-up ads just to proceed to the next page.


7. Cleavage game streaming


You get the picture. Girls who turn into “gamer girls” and stream their gameplay on Twitch, with a, ehem, catch—they intentionally go for revealing shirts that exposes their cleavage. They then convince the viewers to make donations on their channel, not necessarily because they’re enjoying the gameplay.


6. Writing internet marketing eBooks

It’s still hard to imagine how people for this cheap trick. These marketing eBooks have overpromising titles like “How I Got A 6-Pack in Two Weeks” or “This is How I Earn 1000$ At Home Every Week”. They’ll sell these eBooks for high price (that’s discounted for a limited time only).


5. Multilevel marketing

Remember those pyramid schemes? Well, they don’t necessarily have to do physical meet-ups in coffee shops anymore(thank goodness). They have gone digital, which means they can now easily transact through the internet. They deceive and make money by immediately asking for up-front investments.