8 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Singapore Trip

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8 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Singapore Trip

Merlion, here we come!

| February 13, 2017

8 Ways to Make the Most

Out of Your Singapore Trip

By Abu Poblete

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Even with  a small budget, you can make the most out of any trip–if you know how to spend it wisely. Singapore, while not exactly a cheap destination, can be well worth your while, especially if you know its hidden secrets. Here are our 8 tips on how to make the most out of your most-awaited Singapore trip!

Buy a data sim card for $15

Internet connectivity is always important when travelling abroad. You’ll need it for your map apps, searching for the nearest restos, and of course, posting updates on social media for all your friends to see. Although there’s free Wi-Fi everywhere in SG, you’d want to have internet access everywhere you go. That’s why the MCard is a lifesaver. For only S$15 (about P500), you’ll have 100GB data, 500 minutes for local calls, 100 local SMS and 20 minutes for international call to anywhere for 3 days!

In Changi Airport’s Arrival lobby, you can find the M1 booth beside other telco booths (that also have pretty awesome data deals!). If you’re traveling with your family or barkada, they also have pocket Wi-Fis for rent.


The Singapore Tourist Pass

At the Changi Airport MRT station, you can find fellow tourists lining up at the YourSingapore booth . This is because of the Singapore Tourist Pass that you can get there. These passes can give you unlimited rides on Singapore’s public transport network. That means you can ride freely on SG’s trains and buses without worrying about buying tickets every time you ride.

You can purchase the card for 1 day (about P703), 2 days (about P900) or 3 days (about P1,000) and get about P350 back when you return the card!

Tip: We recommend you ride the buses more. Not only is it relatively cheaper, but you’ll also be able to explore and see SG’s bustling city life more than when you ride the MRT. Plus, they have double-decker buses! And you needn’t worry about the bus lines as they’re all easy to understand if you download the right apps.


Buy tickets at the airport


At the Arrival lobby of Changi Airport, a few booths away from the M1 booth, you’ll see a big store giving out free SG guide brochures. They also sell tickets to the city’s best tourist destinations, like the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, among many others.

The prices are the same if you buy in these tourist destinations, but at least you won’t have to wait in line.


Go to Malaysia while you’re there

Since you’re already in Singapore, expand your trip to Malaysia because why the hell not? All it takes is a 6 to 7-hour (and relaxing) train ride to Malaysia and you’re already there! If trains aren’t your thing, there are other modes of transportation available. You can find them  here.