8 Ways To Own Even The Longest Day

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8 Ways To Own Even The Longest Day

New year, new mindset.

| January 3, 2017

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You have probably scheduled a boring meeting or maybe a task you’re not really looking forward to—like getting a police clearance or a root canal—and you are wondering how on earth you can motivate yourself to go through this painful day.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of perspective. Other times, you just need to convince yourself that this, too, shall pass. Here are 8 ways to get from here to there in one piece.

1. Have an exquisite beginning.

Put on an expensive shirt, stay one hour in the shower lathering yourself up with that expensive bath gel you’ve been keeping for months, or make a healthy, colourful, crunchy-fresh meal! Make your morning so luxurious that the rest of the day will have to follow suit.


2. Keep the 86,400-Second Principle in mind.

Just think of your time as currency. Every day you are given 86,400 pesos to spend (that’s actually 86,400 seconds in one day) that you have to spend wisely because it will not be carried over to the next day. You’re supposed to get the motivation to be wise with that money/time.


3. Do as the Brahmins do.

In Brahma Kumaris, an international spiritual organization, the members engage in what is called Traffic Control. This is a series of short breaks (three minutes, five minutes, or one minute) scattered at certain hours throughout the day. When it’s time for one break, as long as it’s practical to do so, you have to stop whatever you’re doing and just sit in silence, breathe, and relax. The mini vacation will energize you and help you get through the day.


4. Make someone laugh.

When going through a particularly long and difficult day, it might help to shift the focus away from yourself and bring it to another person. Maybe someone needs a hand or some cheering up. The author Leo Buscaglia said that many moments every day present us with opportunities to spread the love.