This Week in Weird News: Is Justin Bieber a Lizard-Man?

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This Week in Weird News: Is Justin Bieber a Lizard-Man?

Explains the charisma.

| March 18, 2017

This Week in Weird News:

Is Justin Bieber a Lizard-Man?

By Kevin Christian L. Santos

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Hey team! This week, people are still terrible. Seriously. It’s like we’re Sisyphus and the Philippines is our immense boulder. We make little progress here and there, pushing it up a hill.. But ultimately its people that makes said boulder fall down the bottom of the hill over and over again. Why? Because people suck. And it shouldn’t be surprising given today’s surroundings.

Know what else isn’t surprising. WTF-ness happening around the world. Well it’s a good diversion, because we got stuff like:

1. CNN’s Reza Aslan causes outrage by eating human brains on television

Author Reza Aslan is the host of CNN’s new show, Believers. The show features Aslan immersing himself in the world’s strange and most fascinating faith-based groups to experience what it’s like to be a “believer.” Sounds pretty interesting right? However, things are off to a rocky start after Aslan ate human brains on the show, causing outrage.

The outrage stems from Aslan immersing himself with the Aghori, a Hindu group known for their strange and bizarre rituals. Disciples of more traditional Hindu sects saw this as an insult. His behavior wasn’t well-received as well, as he’s being criticized for being insensitive on the show. He said the brains “tasted like charcoal” for starters. Aslan also pisses of the Aghori, with one member throwing poop at him. His critics are saying that his show promotes religious intolerance, given the sensitive environment we’re currently in.

After the barrage of outrage, Aslan tweeted:

Watch the clip and judge for yourself. It goes from 0-100 in seconds.


2. Pancake bathhouses opens in Japan, because why not

Ever wanted to bathe in your pancakes? Of course you have. Ever the nexus of awesomeness, Japan has got your back covered in sweet, sweet maple syrup.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Morinaga hot cake mix, the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun resort is throwing a pancake bath party to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Though the tubs won’t be filled with pancake batter, the baths will be scented with maple and vanilla, with maple syrup being added three times a day.

In addition, the resort also has a red wine bath and a coffee bath. Why? Because Japan is awesome.


3. Radioactive boars are roaming an abandoned town in Japan after the Fukushima disaster

The Radioactive Boars of Fukushima

As towns reopen in Fukushima, many residents are finding they’ve been replaced by radioactive wild boars.

Posted by AJ+ on Saturday, March 11, 2017

After six years, people are finally given the ok to return to their homes after the Fukushima disaster struck. What officials didn’t expect are the boars that are now ruling the abandoned town. They destroy crops, stay in deserted homes, and even attack humans. They’re the real-life version of internet trolls. What’s more, the boars are radioactive.

The New York Times report that these boars have been showing levels of the radioactive element celsium-137. That’s 300 times higher than normal safety standards. The boars have been destroying craps and show zero shyness to people. They have a tendency to attack.

To remedy this situation, officials have been killing the boars and setting up traps to scare them away. Officials also have to find a solution for the boar corpses, considering they’re too radioactive to eat. Burying them in land isn’t exactly a smart thing to do given their radioactivity.

This is just another side quest. Kill all radioactive boars, receive 500 XP and win Musashi’s sword.


4. Footage of door slamming on its own is obviously freaking people out


If insecurities and that stupid thing you said 10 years ago isn’t enough to haunt you in your dreams, more proof that ghosts exists made its way this week.

Twitter user @enriquelussich uploaded footage of a haunted door opening and slamming itself shut with its lights flickering on and off, much to the horror of people everywhere.  As Enrique makes his way closer to the door, the slamming comes to an end and the lights stop flickering. Footage shows investigating the area with nothing particularly strange to cause the spooky effect.

However, some people aren’t buying it. Some commenters pointed out that the guard has a pull cable to replicate the door’s slamming effect.  Some are also saying that someone was pressing the lights on and off, and conveniently hid once Enrique was fast approaching.

Don’t let this distract you that ghosts aren’t real. Why, we have tons of ghost employees here working for the government.