This Week in Weird News: Elected to Be Weird Edition

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This Week in Weird News: Elected to Be Weird Edition

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| May 6, 2016

8list-week-in-weird-5-may-headerThis Week in Weird News:
Elected to Be Weird Edition

By Kevin Christian L. Santos

The Philippine Election Day is just a few days away. It has divided people left and right, turning some voters into downright fanatics who are willing to throw death and rape threats to whoever disagrees with their idol. Mudslinging and shady issues are now being brought to light, along with allegations of vote buying. The sooner the elections are over, the sooner we can all become friends again and talk trash on which NBA team sucks the most.

Though the elections are what’s on everyone’s mind here, the rest of the world have weirder things to deal with. Stuff like:

8. Villager adopts stray dog, turns out to be a bear


In China, a farmer expressed his surprise when he found out the stray dog he picked up in the streets turned out to be an endangered bear. The man said he thought the dog was a Kunming wolfdog, which is popularly used by the military in the country. However, wildlife authorities confirmed it to be an Asian Black Bear, which is a protected species in China.

The farmer said he picked up the “dog” since it looked weak and thin. He picked it up and nursed it back to health and raised it with his other dogs. As weeks went by, his so-called dog started to look and behave in an odd manner, which made him call the authorities. Officials were able to identify the creature as a black bear due to its patch on its chest and believe that it may have strayed from its mother in the surrounding forest. They further added that the bear is lucky to be picked up by the farmer, since poachers kill black bears for their paws. The cub is now at the Dehong Prefecture Wildlife Shelter to adapt to natural conditions before being released back to the wild.

Kudos to the farmer for being an awesome and caring human being. In other news, the farmer is in desperate need of new glasses.


7. KFC unveils chicken-flavored nail polish because why not


Taking “finger-licking good” to a new level, KFC will be producing a line of edible chicken-flavored nail polish because it’s 2016, folks. Similar to their product line, the nail polish will come in “original” and “hot and spicy” variants.

The product is a result between the collaborative efforts of the agency Ogilvy & Mather, spice company McCormick, and KFC. The product isn’t available in Philippine shores just yet, and has only been released to the media and fashion personalities in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, check out the video that the agency did and decide if you want to bathe your rice in nail polish:


6. Smelling farts is good for your health because SCIENCE


Next time you unleash an eggs-and-beans-and-burrito fueled fart in a crowded elevator, tell the disgusted strangers you’re doing them a favor with your pungent ass-blaster. A new study in England claims that the smell of farts, or hydrogen sulfide, can have health benefits. The smell of farts can help the fight against dementia. How? It helps sufferers remember how you used to fart when you were younger. Smelling someone’s butt-aroma can also help against arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. The study also shows how hydrogen sulfide aids the mitochondria, or the powerhouse of the cell.

Next time, don’t feel guilty when you fart. Unleash that gassy beast loud and proud, and maybe have a collection of your farts in a jar for medicinal purposes.


5. Ghost filmed lurking in hospital corridors


People with a working internet connection are terrified after footage of an alleged ghost lurking in a hospital’s corridors went online. The clip shows the apparition popping out of a door and bobbing its head before disappearing. The hospital in question is the School Hospital Universitario in Honduras where a doctor took his own life. To make matters worse, the ghost apparently makes it a habit to turn the lights on and off in rooms where patients are staying. Make a note that God forbid if something happens to you in Honduras, don’t go to School Hospital Universitario.