#CHRBudgetCheaper | What is CHR Worth?

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#CHRBudgetCheaper | What is CHR Worth?

Ayos. Palakpakan.

| September 13, 2017

#CHRBudgetCheaper |

What is CHR Worth?

By Eldrin Veloso

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The House of Representatives approved yesterday the Commission on Human Rights’ budget for 2018: 1000 Pesos.

Good thing we have two houses, and bicameral deliberations will still happen before both houses agree on a budget they can pass. And hopefully, it doesn’t include a 1000-peso budget for CHR.

But, let’s mull this unprecedented move by our representatives. Giving CHR P1000 does not only undermine the agency and its commissioners. This also effectively puts a value of P1000 on the very thing the CHR  is mandated to protect—human rights.

So, to help put that in perspective, let us look at the value of other things compared to the worth our House of Representative deemed it proper for the CHR to have.

Isabelle Duterte’s Celine bag

115 CHRs

feature on Davao City Vice Mayor’s daughter, Isabelle Duterte’s Instagram account came out showing photos of her and her alleged branded fashion articles. If the Celine nano luggage bag shown in this photo is an original, Celine website puts the price of a brand new at €1,900 (P115,774.60).


EMT Trading

40 CHRs

And that’s just the taxes and duties it paid for the shipment allegedly containing the infamous P6.4B worth of drug smuggled in the country from China.


Mocha Uson’s monthly salary

106 CHRs

Yes, that’s per month. Gross. And by that, I mean gross. Assistant secretaries have a salary grade of SG 29. If she plans to donate her one month salary, like she announced during her previous MTRCB stint, she could pay for CHR’s budget for 106 years, exclusive of allowances and bonuses.


Anyone who plans to buy the latest iPhone


67 CHRs

All those who think they should purchase the new iPhone (or those iPhone users who think they need an upgrade) can divert their budgets and fund CHR’s annual budget for 67 years instead. But why would you need protection of human rights when you have the latest envy of the mobile world, right?