#CHRBudgetCheaper | What is CHR Worth?

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#CHRBudgetCheaper | What is CHR Worth?

Ayos. Palakpakan.

| September 13, 2017

Uber’s fine


190,000 CHRs

Many people wondered: where would the P90M fine that Uber paid go? This multimillion surplus on the national treasury can then be used to fund CHR for 190,000 years.


Oplan Tokhang

900,000 CHRs

On the other hand, the House of Representatives proposed a P131.3B budget for the Philippine National Police, P20B higher than last year’s, and P900M of this is allocated for Oplan Tokhang alone.


Netflix subscription

4 CHRs

And that’s just the basic subscription to the streaming service. Just let that sink in: a regular person pays more to escape reality than the House is willing to give CHR. Apparently, there’s more value in enjoying dragons and stranger things than in actual human rights.


Marcos’s ill-gotten wealth

509,420,000 CHRs

The president announced that the Marcoses were willing to return ‘some’ of the country’s wealth they ‘kept’ for safety. While there is a big question mark as to how much that ‘some’ will amount to, it still begs the question: where are the rest? And why not all? According to the Supreme Court’s calculation, as supported by Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG),  Ferdinand Marcos amassed $10B during his 21-year reign. Given that CHR maybe wouldn’t have existed if not for the human rights violations during the Martial Law period, maybe it would be proper to use the money ‘returned’ to fund the commission.

*Writer’s note: $1 = P50.94, €1 = P60.94, £1 = P67.66


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